The state of Ohio was one of the first to consider mandatory teaching of “intelligent design” in textbooks alongside that of evolution. There will continue to be ongoing battles over what is taught in our public schools and accepted as truth in our society on this topic and many others, such as the family, homosexuality, the environment, abortion, religious freedom, etc.

I am grateful for Bible believing scientists in ministries like the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis who have been successfully debating evolutionists. They have been taking the battle for truth to the unbelievers on many fronts. Scores of minds and souls have been won over because they are willing to stand up for God and His Word.

Still, the Darwinists are advancing the battle. An article in U.S. News and World Report tells us that the discovery of a skull in Africa and certain other finds move evolution from the realm of theory to fact. To me their arguments are no more compelling than they ever were.

In a supposed counterpoint article of the same issue the case for intelligent design (ID) was presented as mumbo jumbo. It stated that one third of those people in the ID camp believe the human race was planted and/or assisted by aliens or time travelers. We have been grouped together with very motley crews as they try to undermine our influence with the populace.

Whether evolutionists admit it or not, their agenda is to repudiate any belief in God, or at least convince people that He is not capable of creating everything that is in six days.

Never forget that with those they convince they not only raise doubts about the reliability of the book of Genesis, also undermine the truths in the whole Bible. Their reasoning says that since there are errors at the very beginning there must be errors in other places of the Bible. Heaven, Hell, Jesus Christ and salvation become debatable topics. When doubts are raised in such crucial areas people aren’t sure where to put their faith. Since faith knows the truth and people can’t be saved without it, souls are at stake.

How can a people proclaim they are “one nation under God” on one hand and teach their children on the other hand that they are descended from apes and primordial ooze? After 9/11, the heart-cry of the nation was to God for help. When the families of the trapped miners near Somerset, PA were informed that all nine were still alive the first response to be heard was, “praise the Lord”. Yet most people in our nation do not know what to believe.

God does not want us on the sidelines, mere spectators. He wants us in the fray. However, before the church can be the godly influence in our communities and nation that He wants us to be, we must agree among ourselves. The difficulty comes when many Christians are not sure of what they believe in and are not sure they can trust the Bible for the answers.

You can trust Holy Scriptures! “I … exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3 KJV). Search the scriptures. Join a Sunday school class or Bible Study and ask questions. Get the answers. Convince whomever you can. Souls are at stake! Join the fray.