God’s Unlimited Power

I’ve been studying Numbers in my devotions for the past couple of weeks. It starts off a bit dry with a detailed census of Israel after they have left Egypt, then a recounting of the many offerings given to consecrate the tabernacle. The people begin their journey to the Promised Land, but on the way they begin to complain. They have no meat. They remember the fish, cucumbers, melons, and other vegeta­bles they had in Egypt. They have only this “manna.” They weep and say “Why did we ever leave Egypt?” (Numbers 11:20) God is understandably angry. Here He has saved them from the cruelty and slavery they experienced in Egypt and provided them bread from heaven. Moses is not happy either and in his frustration says, “Where am I to get meat to give to all this people?” (Numbers 11:13a) He asks that God kill him so he does not fail the people (v.15). But God decides to give the people more than they can imagine to eat -enough quail for a month for 600,000 people. Moses questions God and His ability to provide. And God says, “Is the Lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.” (v .23 ).
It is a remarkable conversation between God and man. It is a challenge for Moses to trust Him when the task seems impossible.
As I think about the trip to Haiti in a couple of months (June 16-24), it is easy to think like the Israelites. It is easy to forget how big our God is. We will only be there for 7 days. What can be done in 7 days for God? Can we really have much of an impact? We don’t know the language. We don’t have any people with special talents or skills. Wouldn’t it be easier just to stay at home where it is comfortable? But I believe this is God’s trip. His power is not limited. He has provided the money. He has called the team members. He has something for us to do. We are not always privileged to see the results of what we sow or the impact on the lives we touch when we are obedient. He just calls us to obedience and He does the rest. Our God is powerful and I am looking forward to seeing His word coming true for us.

Lotus Mccleery for the team