by Donna Deedrick

John 21:15 ‘Jesus asked Simon(Peter), “Son of John do you love me more than them?”

“Yes Lord,” Peter replied, “You know I love you.”

“Then feed my lamb,” Jesus told him.

The spring issue of “Presence” from Open Doors-a Christian organization that ministers to suffering Christians across the world­features the questions, “Have we grown numb?1’ on the cover. More Christians across the world in this time are suffering persecution-horrific experiences largely removed by our government and our media. Dr. David Curry noted: “We were all moved by the terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium, (and even, I add, in Orlando, Florida}. There was limited media coverage, however, at the attack in Nigeria this January in which children were specifically targeted and burned alive!
Dr. David Platt writes: “Imagine living in a place where it’s illegal to proclaim the gospel or study the Bible. A place where being a follower of Christ could cost you your life.” He goes on to say “For millions of followers of Christ, this is an eve­ryday reality-the cost of discipleship is more than most of us can fathom.”
As followers of Christ, we of all people, must be aware of, pray for, and give to Christian entities that reach out to these fellow Christians. I will try to share and highlight a few of these needs in coming newsletters. We need to “feed the lambs”, and support them in prayer and action.